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Welcome to Ainavciems!

[Ainavciems – from Latvian ‘ainava’, scenery + ‘ciems’, village]

We are creating Ainavciems – a place for like minded friends with similar values and lifestyle to live in. Everyone will plant the tree of his kin* here and everyone will create a small piece (not less than one hectare) of homeland for his family, children and future generations, helping to make Latvia a beautiful and blooming place to be by doing so… A place that is made of gardens, forests and people who live at peace with themselves and with surrounding nature…

* For more information on kin domains see link.

kin-domainAinavciems is a kin`s domain association with following priorities:

COOPERATION – economically and socially (co-operatives, common projects, events, strong traditions and common lifestyle), cooperation with like minded folks and organisations in Latvia and abroad

COMMUNICATION – pro-active and open communication within community and with rest of the world, strong community, decentralized and participatory governance, life-long education

ECONOMICS – selfsufficiency as a value, low level of resource consumption and high wellbeing, efective economic life with positive impact on environment and society

Who are we?

Our group has been coming together since 2012. There are many levels of involvement of more than 150 followers. 4 families have expressed a profound interest to begin building the village at the moment. There are several experts guiding and consulting the group along the way to realisation of the ecovillage. Members communicate mainly via a mailing-list and Skype conferences, since members are scattered across the country and abroad. We have had 3 real-life meetings so far, and many more are scheduled.

What have we achieved?photo

We have written documents such as:
The system of governance
Economic model
Cost reduction plan
Membership policy (enrollment and withdrawal)
Rules of order
Code of ethics
Member`s declaration
Kin`s domain declaration

There have been several land-search trips and meetings with partners and experts. We have adapted Systemic Consensus decision-making system successfully.

We are working on marketing and teritorry planning issues at the moment, developing a visual identity and choosing the right public entity for our project. Negotiations with Latvian Agriculture University as a potential partner are under way, as well.

Where are we?

We are exploring different opportunities at the moment. A specific property near Jelgava (60 km from Riga) is under consideration currently.

Stay in touch!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions by calling 00 371 29656778 or by writing to
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